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Do you keep up with the Kardashian's? How can you not with such a popular empire surrounding fashion, sports and entertainment. Adding to that, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are hot on the tabloids and with baby Kimye on the way, we're seeing more and more of them. Is this a brand or another of Kim or Kanye's stunts?

Whether or not their love is real or "reel", some speculate that this is a "brand" move. It's hard to dismiss that West is known for very public outbursts and outlandish wardrobe. We can't forget Kim's notorious sex tape, or that in 2011 Kardashian held an elaborate wedding only to have it annulled 72 days later, in what some think was merely a stunt to have a grand, fairytale wedding.

Although we know they are both known for unsavory antics, but how do you feel about Kanye's lyric in the song "Clique" where he says of Kardashian, "My girl a superstar all from a home movie"? This doesn't seem like a particularly endearing thing to say about your child's mom, to me anyway. As a woman, would you be okay with this? Perhaps she is.

I can't say I know how to feel about this. After all, Brooke Crittendon, West's former girlfriend, spoke in The Sun about the relationship between West and Kardashian. She says that West has always had a thing for Kardashian, wanting to be with someone who is desired by many men and that she fits into West's "brand". What a lofty reason to be with someone! Pardon my sarcasm.

Kardashian seems to also want something, fame and fortune, and lots of it. An enterprising young women, to her credit, she and the Kardashian brand is a multi-million dollar empire. It can't hurt to add mother of the child of a world famous rapper to her credentials.

The two really may be in a passionate, healthy relationship, but something about the characteristics and public persona of both seem like it would leave much to be desired. That's IF they desire a real relationship at all. Perhaps it's as critics claim, a brand decision for the public's consumption.

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